Peshawari Namkeen Gosht

 peshawari namkeen gosht

Peshawari namkeen gosht is one of the most popular

recipes in Pakistan.Afghan kabab is most often found in restaurant and outdoor vendor stalls. The most widely.  Afghan kebab serve with naan,rarely rice,and customers have the option to sprinkle sumac,and dry ground sour grapes on their kebabPeshawari Namkeen Gosht.The quality of kebab is solely dependent on the quality of the meat.pieces of fat from the sheep's tail are usually added with the lamb skewers to add extra flavor


Other popular kebab include the lamb chop,ribs,kofta and chicken, all of which are found in better restaurant.Peshawari

Chapli kebab, is a specialty of Eastern Afghanistan, The original recipe of chapli kebab dictates a half meat or less half  flour mixture,which renders it lighter in taste and less expensive.

Peshawari Afghans do not usually eat out at restaurants, but some restaurants have booths or a separate dining area for families.

Serving tea and white sugared almonds is a familiar custom during Afghan festivals.

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