How to Make Afghani Pulao

How to Make Afghani Pulao

Afghani Pulao or Kabuli rice is that the crown of Afghani cookingextraordinarily delicious and extremely aromatic rice dish with chicken or lamb meat.Try this authentic recipe with easy step by step instructions.

How to Make Afghani Pulao

Afghani pulao Rice dishes square measure culturally the foremost necessary elements of a meal, and so abundant time associate degree Wealthier families will eat one rice dish per day, and royalty spent much time on rice preparation and invention, as evidenced in the number of rice dishes in their cookbooks.

Weddings and family gatherings sometimes feature many rice dishes, and reputations is created within the realm of rice.


A type of white rice. The rice is first parboiled, then drained and finally baked in a brick or clay oven with oil, butter and salt added. This method creates a fluffy rice with each grain separated.

Meat and stock is added, and topped with fried raisins, slivered carrots, and pistachios.

Afghani Pulao

This rice dish is cooked with water and acquires a sticky consistency.

Afghani pulao  usually eaten with a qorma, such as Sabzi (spinach) or  (turnips). A sweet rice dish called Shir Birenj (literally milk rice) is often served as dessert.With the addition of stock, meat, herbs, and grains, a lot of elaborate dishes area unit created. Notable dishes embody Mastawa, Kecheri Qoroot, and Shola.

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Hi my name is Benazer i live in United kingdom. My hobby and passion making asian traditional family recipes for masala ( spice mix )blends .all recipe is my own recipe very tasty and its easy to cook some of my recipes are from my mum its too tasty .my kids and my husband like my food. you should try at home. Cooking has always been my passion .when i was a little girl i love to cook, spending hours in the kitchen with my mother, making a mess but delicious traditional pakistani recipes,using authentic ,seasonal,fresh ingredients and preparing everything from scratch.Today I am still that same girl playing in the kitchen; I like to experiment with different tastes and textures, tingeing from the asia culinary culture to create my own personal recipes. However, Itry to remain faithful to the authentic traditions, flavors, and ingredients. Getting dinner on the table is easy with these main dishes. Recipes from our test kitchens professionals are desingned to inspire -whether you are entertaining our cooking at home.

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