Affordable healthcare

Affordable healthcare

Ever Wondered what all those Vitamins, minerals and nutrients actually do?

Find out about our nutrition.

Vitamin A

Needed for normal function of the immune system. skin and eye.Found in a range of food, including dairy, eggs and oil, rich fish, orange and red fruit and veg is converted into vitamin A in the body. Men need 0.7mg/day; Woman 0.6mg.

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Vitamin B

A group of vitamin that helps us. convert the energy in food into energy the body can use.Some are important for making red blood cells, Present in many foods including milk, leafy veg, whole grain cereals, and meat.

Affordable healthcare

Vitamin C

A mineral needed for strong bones and teeth.A lack of it, particularly while bones are growing, can increase the risk of osteoporosis, dairy products are the best source in dark green leafy vegetables, tofu, almonds, and sardines  fish Adults need 700mg/day

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Vitamin D

Help regulate calcium and phosphate levels, needed for healthy bones, and teeth and muscles.only found in a few foods oily fish, red meat, egg yolks .everyone is adviced to take a daily 10mg supplement.


The business strategy is working wonders for the healthcare companies by identifying the potential members who fall under middle-income groups (usually salaried and students) and creating a large member database which actually caters to healthcare companies in selling the data from the database to the tied up service providers. The advertising and marketing thing is already done for the service provider who is more than happy for this very reason.

This case makes it prove wrong for the people who say that the market has reached a saturation point. Actually, a market is full of opportunities and the success lies in knowing the market from a unique angle each and every time a crisis situation is about to mushroom.